Extract Data instantly
from any Website
without Coding

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  • Intuitive
  • Intelligent

Add to ChromeFree installation
 extracts data to CSV

Key Features

What You See Is What You Scrape


Scrape pages behind login
Scrape dynamic pages
Scrape encrypted text*
Scrape images and files*

define visual recipe easily

Easy Recipe

One-Click recipe generation*
Visual recipe templates
Intuitive actions and flow
Powerful selector assistant

scraping automation

Scraping Automation

Scrape periodically
Scrape list of URL
Paginate various list
Conditional recipes invoking

3rd party integration

3rd Party Integration

GoogleSheet integration
Slack notification
WeCom integration
Baidu cloud storage

Security and protection

Scrape Without Worry

Not a bot, a scraper
All under your eyes
Own and control your data
Encryption & pin protection

More features


Run concurrently
Recipe acceleration
Recipes cooperation
Data entry in batch
Remote support

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